"WHEEL ROBE" is a brand that conceptualizes 'Following in the footsteps of products'. The Shoes involved various industrial engineers are filled with their dreams. Shoes are produced through the various processes such as absorption of skin, tanning, cutting, sewing, lasting, bottoming, and finishing. However those are just processes for making products. Shoes are finished through the process that consumer put on them and various faces added on them.

      The most important thing in the production process is a shoe-last of wood which affects most to comfort and easy to walk. Therefore a shoe-last of wood is most important for "WHEEL ROBE" to follow their concept.

      Shoes are finished with a strong presence by sticking to the universal design and traditional detail and producing those without compromises on materials and sewing. "WHEEL ROBE" has started with their wishes that consumers put on such shoes with an attachment for the rest of thier lives.

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      2 product