"BRIEFING", this brand is striving for real militarism that conforms to MIL-SPEC, and was developed for luggage label with outstanding functional beauty in 1998. However, the design source of "BRIEFING" must not come from exactly just as military. Strong parts and top-notch technology that the United Stats products seriously, BRIEFING always starts their design works with understanding these true essence, and they are thinking hard that how to install these too much functions on their products as casual, what kind of style they put finishing touches on, and whether if they can reconstruct those functions minimum required.

      The lineup of products of BRIEFING is developed assuming various sophisticated scenes and fits to any style.

      Now, beyond over 20 years since they was born, "BRIEFING" continue evolving as the brand that puts theirselves in the customers' lifestyle through their bags.

      7 product

      7 product