KATSUYUKI YOSHIDA, the founder of "Porter Classic" was independent from YOSHIDA CO.Ltd., and established the new company with his son REO YOSHIDA. Their beliefs is that making products by global standards. In other words, it is the standard manufacturing that has been loved for a long time not going along with what's in fashion.

      "Porter Classic" respects the traditional culture all over the world and add the new something to its unchanging essence and establish a new style with a unique perspective and feeling. They stick to" made in Japan" and has been striving for products which has been loved up to next generation and grandchildren by incorporating the high technology of Japanese craftsmen.

      Only some of the products of "Porter Classic" are available at "HINOYA Namba Parks".
      Also, Each "SUN HOUSE" store carries more items, and you can see more products at "SUN HOUSE ONLINE STORE".
      Please enjoy shopping at SUN HOUSE ONLINE STORE as well.

      *"Sun House" is the sister store of HINOYA.(Sun House Online Store is different site from Hinoya Online Store.)

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      Sun House Online Store

      「家」をコンセプトにしたHINOYAの兄弟店舗。人の数だけ好きなモノがあり、「家」は自分の欲求で凝縮された空間です。Sun Houseでは、我が家という宝の山の中で、何かを発見出来るお店にしたいと考えています。そして私たちの「好き」だけをお客様に紹介して行きたいと考えています。ファッションとともに、パッションも共有していただきたいのです。