An imaginary story by Orgueil.
      It takes place in the United States in the early 1900s.
      The owner of the tailor shop, "Elmwoods" moved from France to the United States. The clothes in his tailor shop, which he calls "Orgueil," are all warm and attractive.
      The clothes are made with the idea of " Clothes that become more dynamic as time goes by, and a stylish direction", expressing French sense and humor, and American freedom and strength.
      The designs are not only durable enough to be used for a long time but also universal enough to never grow tired of. The shine and charm of the garments increase with repeated wear. Elmwoods' clothing has gained a reputation, and Orgueil has become a favorite tailor for the people of the town. "Elmwoods" responds to the needs of the people of the town and is sincere in its approach to craftsmanship. The brand hopes you will enjoy his creations made with each customer's face in mind, and the story of "Orgueil" that is spun between him and the people around him.

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