Buzz Rickson's (Flight Jacket)

Buzz Rickson's (Flight Jacket)


      "BUZZ RICKSON'S" is a brand founded in 1993, that has been pursuing the history and pride of flight jackets. The work for reproduction is based on the Mil-Spec (Mil-Spec, which is a standard that is defined to withstand the harsh environment of military use) of the time, and the brand pays thorough attention to everything from yarn spinning to weaving, fabric materials, military parts, and the overall form. "Buzz Rickson's" puts craftsmanship into each piece, recreating the charm of vintage flight jackets.

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      • Buzz Rickson's Leather Jacket レザージャケット
      • Buzz Rickson's Flight Jacket フライトジャケット
      • Buzz Rickson's Tops T-shirt Shirt トップス Tシャツ シャツ等
      • Buzz Rickson's Bottoms Accessories ボトムス 小物等
      • Buzz Rickson's All Items 全てのバズリクソンズの製品
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