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  • Due to the high density of the fabrics used for military jackets, the changes in appearance caused by abrasion of wearing over time is more appealing. This effect is particularly apparent in jungle cloth, which ages in a manner similar to leather. In addition, the thicker fabric with the reverse side brushed has excellent wind resistance, making it more ideal as a material for military garments. In the same way that the appearance of the Army Air Corps' A-2 leather flight jacket changes, this jacket allows you to fully enjoy the aging texture of the jungle cloth.
  • 【Aviation Associates】
    From the 1920s through the 1940s, various type of flight jackets were commercially available at the market featuring the elements of Army spec. When examining the old photos during the World War, we were able to spot a few pilots with a non-Army issued jacket. Officially, soldiers sere not allowed to wear non-Army issued jackets, but the regulation became loose during the actual war time. The difference between Army issued and non-Army issued can mainly be seen on the design and material usage, but the similar color was used in accordance with the original Army-issued products to meet military regulations. And also the design of non-Army issued products were obviously based on Army issued items, many non-Army jackets were somewhat modified with a bit of original twist, providing really classical look. Aviation Associates was the legendary line that commercially manufactured by the previous contractor Buzz Rickson MFG (hypothetical story). Buzz Rickson would sincerely want customers to feel the spirit of their product through these jackets.
  • Material: Jungle Cloth (100% Cotton)
  • Lining: Cotton Broad Cloth (100% Cotton)
  • Rib: 100% Wool
  • Fastener: Mil Specs. Nickel Finished
  • Snap Button: Mis Specs. Brass
  • Label: Aviation Associates
  • Made in Japan
  • Model Wearing Size: 36(Height 170cm Weight 52kg)

This jacket is made based on the vintage jacket, so please handle the parts with care. In particular, the zipper may be damaged if it is forcibly raised or lowered. When pulling up the zipper, be sure to pull up the metal part of the zipper slowly and carefully. Please do not pull the leather string forcibly.

Size Chart
Size Shoulder Chest Back Length Sleeve
36 43cm 54cm 63cm 63cm
38 45cm 56cm 65cm 64cm
40 47cm 58cm 67cm 65cm
42 49cm 60cm 69cm 66cm
44 51cm 62cm 71cm 67cm
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