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Buzz Rickson's
MA-1 Patch "87th FTR.INTCP.SQ."

BR14708-01-size XS

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  • The 87th Combat Interceptor was formed in 1952. In 1956, moved to Lockbourne Air Force Base, Ohio. In 1968, he converted from the obsolete F-101B "Voodoo" to the ultimate combat interceptor, the F-106 "Delta Darts", and worked as a defenseman on the continental United States until the demobilization in 1985.
  • The design of the name plate is a beautiful thing that is in sync with the squadron color of the F-106 aircraft. This custom version is in compliance with the ADC (Aerospace and Air Defense Forces) regulations, but it has a spectacular spec in an era when other unit patches become sober as the Vietnam War bogs.
  • Model wearing size  :  S (Height170cm Weight52kg)

Size Chart
Shoulder Chest Back Length Sleeve
XS 43.5cm 57cm 56cm 58cm
S 45cm 59cm 57cm 60cm
M 48cm 60cm 59cm 61cm
L 49.5cm 62cm 61cm 62.5cm
LL 52cm 64cm 61.5cm 63cm
3L 57cm 67cm 62cm 63.5cm

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