YOUTUBE - AkizStyle - Legendary store "HINOYA" boasts 75 years of history in the American casual mecca! What is the item to grow?

The HINOYA flagship store has been introduced by YouTuber “AkizStyle” who is active in Korea!

弊社Thank you for wearing our original pants from "BURGUS PLUS"! In this video's first and second parts, he introduces the charm of various products in the store.

【Legendary store "HINOYA" boasts 75 years of history in the American casual mecca! What is the item to grow? (First Part)】

【"Magic silhouette?" What are the ultimate pants made by a popular American Casual store? (Burgus Plus, Momotaro Jeans, Buzz Rickson's, etc.) (Second Part)】

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HINOYA Official Web Site

HINOYA Official online Store

HINOYA Official Site

Sun House Official online Store
(Renewal opened)

"Sun House" is the sister store of HINOYA, with the concept of "a house". Each person has his or her own favorite things, and the "house" is a space condensed by one's own desires. At Sun House, we would like to produce a store where you can discover something from the treasure trove in "the house". And we would like to introduce products with only our "likes" to our customers. I would like you to share the passion as well as fashion.

Burgus Plus Offical Site

LINE HINOYA official account is started. We post news such as new products, staff's outfit, special coupon, and so forth on every Wednesday and Friday.

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