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WAREHOUSE DEADSTOCK BLUE jeans WW II type which I had introduced last week has been in stock now!

WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
Click the image for looking at the product!



price:29,000JPY + tax

Let's see the details of this jeans🥺

Patch is like this.
It's been a while since lot.1000 was launched before, so I'm excited to see it.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
Slightly twisted pocket.
I can see something on the pockets. Let's magnify the image!
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
It is a paint stitch!
It has almost faded in color、、、
Its expression is the changes over time.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
They use the faded woven name label in color.
For this jeans, they made exactly the same 100% rayon label that came with the vintage jeans they own.
That's a maniac and really cool!😵
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
No rivets on the coin pocket.
Also they randomly use engraved and unengraved rivets.
This is unengraved rivets.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
Here is engraved rivets!
It reproduces the dead stock of the WW II model when the supply of supplies could not keep up.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
It's iron buttons.
The thread of the waist belt is left like vintage jeans which they own!
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
The back of the buttons is rounded.
It's cute, isn't it? Oh, it's not big deal lol!!
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB
It's light pink selvedge.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) Jeans S1000XX-DSB

How's this jeans? It's so cool!
These jeans are made from a technique developed over the 25 years since the "WARE HOUSE" was founded.!!!
It's one of the great jeans produced by WARE HOUSE!

Please come to try this jeans at HINOYA ONE.
See you next week. Bye now!👋

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