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Hello everyone!. I'm Fukumoto, the web staff of HINOYA. I've loved Hawaiian shirts since before, and I can't wait for new products to arrive every year during this season. And finally, 2021 Sun Surf season is get started .
My feeling while taking a picture of the Sunsurf Hawaiian shirts, it is that the bold colors are beautiful, the texture of the fabric, the buttons that are different for each Hawaiian shirt, and the thing which the pattern for the pockets is matched with the overall design, everying is very wonderful.
That also should be expected. Toyo Enterprise, which produces Sun Surf, is also famous as a collector of vintage Hawaiian shirts, and it seems that they have over 4000 pieces of them. Then, they thoroughly research the fabric, printing method, button material, etc. of the vintages, and make full use of the Japanese craftsmanship that has existed for a long time to bring them back to the present day.
Various patterns will be released in this season as well, and the long-sleeved aloha shirts have arrived at first. Also some exclusive aloha shirts for HINOYA will be released in this year, so please look forward to comming them.

For Aloha shirts, the design and coloring of the print is so important that it can be said that we wear art, and Japan's world-class printing technology supports it. There are two types of printing methods. One is a discharge printing which is that after dyeing the cloth, removes the pattern part with a discharge agent, and at the same time dyes it with another color. And the other one is an overprint which is that paints with a stronger color on a lighter ground color .
In these printing methods, the fabric is pasted on a printing table of several tens of meters, and dyeing while moving the plate. This work is repeated for the number of colors to dye the pattern on the fabric, but in order to print over not shifting the plates, and to reproduce the outstanding deep color at that time, adjustments by the high skill and experience of craftsmen will be needed.It is aloha shirts that can only be made with craftsmanship at a limited number of factories in Japan. Considering that more than 20 colors are overprinted depending on the pattern, we can find out Sun Surf has been producing great Hawaiian shirts that we can say it is almost artistic.And although the feeling against the price depends on each person, I think that Sun Surf aloha shirts with great quality are very reasonable. Their efforts that they want more people to wear aloha shirt and have a fun is also wonderful.

Button material that differs depending on the pattern. It is faithfully reproduced based on vintage Hawaiian shirts such as bamboo, coconut, and urea buttons. In addition, the pattern of the pockets is also neatly matched to the shirt allover design, so it looks more natural and beautiful when wearing it.

It has been started with long sleeve in this season. The printing method such as discharge printing and overprinting also be faithfully reproduced based on the vintage. The exclusive black long sleeve aloha shirt (SS28599HY) with the five-storied pagoda and cherry blossom pattern, this design had been launched with another color in 2005, has been almost sold out, but this aloha with a short sleeve will be comming soon. It is five-storied pagoda and cherry blossom design that is unique to Japanese-style on kabe crepe material. It goes well with the black color and is a really cool Hawaiian shirt. Please look forward to it.
In addition, the pattern is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sun Surf launches various designs every year, and since they produce the design of aloha shirts based on vintage, it is not a big deal whether the pattern launched by Sun Surf is the latest one or old. Once sold out, it's up to Sun Surf that the same design will be launched next. I hope you can find your favorite pattern.
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