Sugar Cane Standard Vest

Hi everyone! I'm Takata From HINOYA ONE.

Ms.Tanaka mentioned about new store "SUN HOUSE" in her blog, "SUNHOUSE IKEBUKURO PARCO".

I will move to there. 👏

I'm so excited to work at a new store and introduce new brands to customers!

Until then, I will do my best. so please stay with me.

Well, let me introduce my favorite items!

SUGAR CANE standard work vests has been in stock. From left, Size: 36~42 (34 is available only for wabash・・・It is special order of HINOYA)
Price: 15,800+tax
Those are really useful item.
With those, you can style various coordination, and it looks more fashionable.
SUGAR CANE WORK VEST シュガーケーン ワークベスト SC12654 SC12795 SC14375

Let's try it!
*My Wearing Size: 36 (171cm / 56kg)
SUGAR CANE WORK VEST シュガーケーン ワークベスト

*Outfit Items
  • Shirt → SC27076-401(Small)
    SUGAR CANE Fiction Romance 8.5oz. White Wabash Stripe

  • Bottom → 425-51 OV(Waist 30)
    BURGUS PLUS Lot.425 Fatigue Pants Back Satin

  • Shoes → BBU91 (*Now it is available at HINOYA RAKUTEN STORE)
    YUKETEN "Johnson"
SUGAR CANE WORK VEST シュガーケーン ワークベスト

*Stuff Wearing Size: 38(168cm / 68kg)
SUGAR CANE WORK VEST シュガーケーン ワークベスト

*Outfit Items
  • Shirt → BP19501 NV(Medium)(*Now it is available at HINOYA RAKUTEN STORE)
    BURGUS PLUS L/S Poplin BD Shirt

  • Bottom → BP103N(W32)
    BURGUS PLUS x Big John Collaboration Jeans
SUGAR CANE WORK VEST シュガーケーン ワークベスト

Well, all vests are really cool, aren't them.🤔

Since "wabash" vest is dyed with indigo, I can enjoy aging, and also covert vest is easy to coordinate with other outfit.

In fact, my many customers buy one of them, then they buy different color again.!

If you have both, please try the brown duck vest.

It is work style vest and really cool!

Please shop your favorite vest while your size is available.🙇‍♂️

HINOYA also has a web store for shopping!

Please Please use this as well.★

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