"BURGUSPLUS" is a total brand that continues to produce new, not too old, products that can be worn in any era, with attention to detail, based on the concept of "ultimate basics".

Have you read our blog about the new standard item of the brand, "Lot.771"? This time, we would like to introduce the realistic outfits of 771 jeans, according to the height!

(Height) 〜160cm

771 Wearing Image
155cm / Wearing 32 Inch
771 Wearing Image
156cm / Wearing 29 Inch

(Height) 〜170cm

771 Wearing Image 771 Wearing Image
168cm / Wearing 34 Inch

(Height) 170cm〜

771 Wearing Image
171cm / Wearing 31 Inch
771 Wearing Image
171cm / Wearing 30 Inch
771 Wearing Image
172cm / Wearing 30 Inch
771 Wearing Image
177cm / Wearing 32 Inch
771 Wearing Image
182cm / Wearing 34 Inch

Please refer to each styling page to see what our staff thought of the garments when they were worn!

Many of our staff members said that they are wearing one to two sizes larger than their usual size.
Please check the product details when choosing your size too.

For the latest outfits, Please click → here ←

"Burgus Plus" new standard jeans, Lot. 771 is published in the magazine "Lightning Denim Buyer's Catalog". Please check this out.

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