The two of Hinoya's most recent top-selling items!

Hello everyone!

I'm addicted to "Attack on Titan" in these days.
I'm Tanaka from HINOYA head store.

Giant who eats people,
Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable ...
I was thinking ...…

Since I watched it, I have been addicted to it.

I want to use a three-dimensional mobile device lol!
(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (I feel very excited)

Attack on Titan has a lot of mysteries and I often don't understand it, so it's fascinating for me,
also the book I was reading at the same time is very difficult to understand,
so I feel I've got double punches, and my head is going to explode.🤯
I wonder if my brain has been activated in this week so that I've been waking up in the middle of the night.


Bye the way♪

Many customer checked my blog regarding "AWA Shoai denim",and some customer decided to buy🥺,
some said to me they read my blog🥺,
and some are interested in jeans🥺.
I was really impressed🥺.
I really thank them🥺.



Let's go to the main subject lol!

It has been still popular now and in the past.

N-1 and MA-1

BuzzRickson's(バズリクソンズ)N-1 MA-1
Mr.Ota(N-1) size S、me(MA-1)size XS

These two jackets are by far the best selling this year.

I'm basically in charge of pants at the store, so I'm not so familiar with tops (🤐),
but I can see that these two jackets are selling very well😎.

It's amaging.
It has always been a top seller for a long time without being swept away in this era of rapid change.

BuzzRickson's(バズリクソンズ) N-1 Br12031 BR12030
♦BR12031 N-1 KHAKI
You can shop at *HINOYA Official Online Store

☛N-1 KHAKI More Details. Click here.

♦BR12030 N-1 NAVY

☛N-1 NAVY More Details. Click here.

BuzzRickson's(バズリクソンズ) MA-1 BR10981
♦BR10981 MA-1

☛MA-1 More Details. Click here.

It's already mid-December!

Have you already prepared jackets for this winter?

It ends with a short blog in this time. See you soon!

👖*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’👖’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*👖


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