"S/S Pocket Tee"

Hello everyone! Let me introduce the Burgus Plus's masterpiece T-shirt this time!!


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【S/S Pocket Tee】
Col.Salmon Pink,Mint Green,Navy Blue
Moca Brown,White,Black
Price.5,390JPY- (Tax included)

The T-shirt "HBP-001" has been popular as the standard item since it was launched, and this time it is upgraded. Therefore, I would like to approach the appeal of the new "HBP-001A" this time.

What is the appeal of HBP-001A?

New fit

It has updated to the new fit that the width and sleeves are a little wider than the previous model.
It is a fit that suits the times, based on the theme of "ultimate basic" of Burgus Plus.

Neckline along the neck

The neckline is a little tighter fit.
It is relaxed fit T-shirt, but the neckline is an exquisite fit that keeps a stylish impression. Also, binder neck specification, that collar is not easy to stretch, is adopted, so I can wear it for a long time.

The texture of the fabric unique to Organic cotton

The most important point is the texture of the fabric knitted slowly with organic cotton. It has the dry-touch texture and would be fluffy and soft texture by repeating washing.

Various sizes and color options

Available in 6 sizes of XS-XXL, and this time released a total of 6 colors, basic color and mild color.
Because it is a simple and basic T-shirt, you may choose the one you always buy, but why don't you try "a little bigger size" or "another color you don't have" ? I'm sure it will expand the range of your outfits.

Burgus Plus T-shirt Model Wearing Image バBurgus Plus T-shirt Model Wearing Image
Model Wearing Size: S (Height 160cm / 58kg)
Burgus Plus T-shirt Model Wearing Image Burgus Plus T-shirt Model Wearing Image
Model Wearing Size: M (Height 165cm / 60kg)

If you prepare a basic T-shirt before summer, it will definitely be very useful as an inner of shirts or you can wear it by itself. If you have any questions about the size, please feel free to contact us.

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