The useful and cool jacket for spring "M-65"

Hello eveyrone😊 This is KURASHINA from HINOYA ONE. In japan Feb 2nd was "Setsubun".
In short words, "Setsubun" means division of seasons,and the event held to pray for good health and happiness.
Traditionally, Setsubun is also the day to eat “Eho-maki”. Eho-maki are thick sushi rolls which is believed to bring good fortun if eaten while facing the year’s “Eho” (good luck direction).
Usually, "Setsubun" is held on Feb 3rd, but in this year, it was changed to the 2nd after an interval of 124 years since 1897.
It causes because that the time it takes for the earth to go around the sun is not perfect 365 days a year.
Anyway, I love "Eho-maki" too much so that I bought it a lot and ate.
It is the best food for me since various flavors spread in my mouth at once.
Why don't you try it?

Well, let's get started to introduce my recommended item.

BUZZ RICKSON'S バズリクソンズ M-65 BR11702
Lot : BR11702
Size : XS . S . M . L . XL . XXL
Price : ¥42,900(with tax)

It is super great field jacet!

Yes, it is M-65.

The backside of the fabric made of cotton and satin is used for the surface of this jacket. (Back-Satin).

It has durability and as you wear it for a long time, you can have a fun of aging.

Crown Zipper
BUZZ RICKSON'S バズリクソンズ M-65 BR11702

It has a epaulet on the shoulder, and pleats on the back.
BUZZ RICKSON'S バズリクソンズ M-65 BR11702

Also, it has a built-in hood, so it's convenient when it rains lightly.
BUZZ RICKSON'S バズリクソンズ M-65 BR11702

Staff KURASHINA(Height 171cm / Weight 68kg)/ Wearing Size: S
*Small" is just right with wearing from the top of a denim jacket for me.
BUZZ RICKSON'S バズリクソンズ M-65 BR11702

I tryed to wear it from the top of matching clothing of black. How is it?
It can be used as a coat, so it is really cool to wear it with suit.
It's a all-purpose item for early spring and usuful for this season from February, so I really recommend it.
Please check this out!
BUZZ RICKSON'S バズリクソンズ M-65 BR11702

See you next week! Bye now🤲


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