Hi! This is OTA from HINOYA main store. Recently, each Hinoya store is writing a blog, so I will do my best to write it.

It has be released on October 24th!!

This time, Burgus Plus has been focusing on Japanese traditional dyeing "AI-ZOME" in terms of history, tradition, and quality instead of relying on brand name or gaudy decorations to produce Jeans made in Japan which takes pride in to all over the world.

LOT 770-AI (Non Washed)

size29〜34 36 38


Burgus Plus regular straight cut jeans is surely this lot770!!

・It is a special leather patch that has been hand-dyed with natural indigo.

・Approximately 16 ounces (5th slab yarn) denim with strong weaving unevenness

・Selvedge color is green which is Burgus Plus brand color.

・Special decoration with selvedge denim on back pocket.(shape is HINOYA's h)

・Unlikely indigo, the thread used in this denim is completely dyed with natural indigo, so tateochi is hardly coming out. (The number of dyeing was doubled in order to make its blue color deep blue in this time.

This AIZOME Jeans is really special. The fabric is very precious and expensive, and not easy to make every time. Thank you for you attention. Please read my blogs again next time!

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