It's getting warm in these days, isn't it?.
We have got "WAREHOUSE" standar denim all sizes in stock, which has been a long time.
Although it is a standard item of WAREHOUSE, since it is so popular for fans, I feel like some sizes are always run out.

Well, let me introduce WARE HOUSE "1001XX" again.

Lot: 1001XX
Price: JPY23,100-(With Tax)
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX

1001XX is the flagship model of WAREHOUSE which has produced Jeans over 20 years. This jeans is made of the special denim which has been produced by tearing and researching the rigid denim banner for the advertisement of the 1930s. Also in terms of sewing, they pursue the faithful reproduction of vintage products, which is the brand theme. It has a shape with a little room around the waist and narrows down to the hem.

It's a beautiful gold selvedge.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX
Off set center loop
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX
The back of coin pocket also has a gold selvedge.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX
The back pockets adopt the hidden rivet.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX

Here is a sample of 1001XX our staff has worn. When we think about WAREHOUSE, the first thing that comes to mind is the beatiful color fading. This sample is like vintage and really cool.

WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX
It is beatiful puckering of selvedge.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX
The part of knees has also beatiful fading with sun burnt.
WARE HOUSE(ウエアハウス) 1001XX

This sample has been worn by old staff for about 3 years when working at HINOYA.

The color has faded beautifully without the repair, and I think it's because he had handled and washed it diligently.

It's not easy to wear for a long time like this sample and find out how its color will be fading, so this may be a good sample for you.

If you would like to be interested in this sample, you can check at our store.

Besides, this jeans is non-washed model so that it's going to shrink by washing, please be careful to select your size.

※Currently at Hinoya Plusmart, we requires customers to sterilize hands with an alcohol before entering the store and also wear a mask as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, please refrain from entering the store if you are not in good physical condition. Thank you for your cooperation.

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