"Made in USA" which I long for

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

Hi everyone!

I'm TAKUZO from HINOYA net office.

「Hey, daddy's hairstyle is really cool, isn't it? What kind of hairstyle is it?」

「Well, it's naturally curly hair.」

This is a daily conversation between I and my daughter!! lol.

Sometimes, ingenuous child points out cruel reality.

※Hairstyles are taboo for people with naturaly curly hair. It's gonna develop to be argument each other.

During this conversation with my daugter,

『You are my daughter. So your hairstyle is probably going to be the one like me.

I muttered in my heart

I've made up my mind she will get angry and grab me by the collar when she goes through puberty lol.

By the way、、、

It was middle of the trend "American Casual wear" when I went trought puberty.

My longing was not only for fashion but also musics, movies, and lifestyle.

I was super creazy about "U.S.A" when I was young.

So, any products just "made in U.S.A" was precious for me.

If I tell on purpose, quality of stiching or finishing for clothing "made in U.S.A" was not neat.

But, I was really pleased with those clothing, "This is really cool. It's a "Mede in U.S.A!"

However, time passed,

Clothing of 『Made in U.S.A』is rare.

Factory of White Oak for Levi's was closed,

and, the letters 『Made in U.S.A』 was gone from cannondale bicycle,

also, Ray ban is made in Itally or China.

Goodbye "Made in U.S.A"…

In really serious condition, one brand has worried about such a situation.

It's "TOYO Enterprise"

It is a company where people who have longed for American products gathered.

"They have been making efforts to make products made in U.S.A".

So they started lineup『SUGAR CANE "Made in U.S.A."』with a big passion.

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us


SugarCane Denim Jacket sc11946us


This is the 55th anniversary year for TOYO enterprise.

They have produced this special jeans 1946's model for their anniversary!

At the same time, WAREHOUSE has made the same year's model by coincidence.

But Sugar cane jeans made its jeans by the different way.

First of all, denim fabric is 『Made in Japan』.

Although you might say 「well, you are talking about the story for 「Made In USA」, aren't you??」,

sorry about that.

Denim with such high quality can only be made in Japan now.

But Sugar Cane transported its fabric to U.S.A even if it is really troublesome and costs, and sewed this jeans in U.S.A.

So is it import jeans from U.S.A?

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

1946 model jeans has some special features and it's unique.

(For Sugar Cane, it is hard to re-product this jeans.)

WAREHOUSE has great interpretation to make this model,

SUGAR Cane also has the great interpretation, even if those jeans has the different details.

It is very curious, isn't it?

First of all, this jeans, finishinf of sewing is really remarkable.

As you see,

at the end of thread is not cut.

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

chain stitch for hem.

If I tell on purpose, it is not neat!

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

The surface of the button is made of iron, but the back side is made of copper.

The V-shaped part of the waist is sewn small, and it does not hang on the buttons.

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

Right and left back-york doesn't overlap each other.

It is a feature often found in vintage jeans, and it might be caused because of the lack of power of the sewing machine at that time.

(This is the most thick part in jeans because some fabric is overlapped.)

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

This is the 1st type jacket.

Oh, it's not neat like vintage, but it is really cool.

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

Sewing on the left part is finished at the right side.

Sewing on the right part is also finished at the right side.

Those are asymmetry.

I think it depends on the sewing person (It's a specification that is impossible now).

…Well, you might say "is it a really good jeans?",

But I could say "Yes, this is the great jeans. It is jeans that faithfully reproduce the vintage".

American classic car was 『very fast on the straigt road! not easy to turn! The great fastest car?』.

Old bike never tells its horse power.

This is their style "easy-going". This is their thought that their products are No.1.

I feel like they say "Hey guys! To be easy, and don't worry about small things".

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

SugarCane Jeans sc41946us

Jacket style is square and short length.

The shoulders fall which is the feature for 1st type jacket.

High-rise and thighs are wide.

Those are the classic style.

Denim fabric is 13oz.

Is it light?

No! Japanese denim is heavy even if it is 13oz.

I've never heard 15oz fabric for vintage jeans.

It is probably from 12.5oz to 13.75oz.

Oh, I need to tell you the most important thing.

I recommend you had better cut the end of sewing carefully when you wear it.

If someone else see your clothing, they may say "Hei, your wear has a lot of lint!" lol.

Although this jeans or jacket have already been washed once, after you cut the end of thread, and wear it, you feel wearing the dead stock vintage clothing.

If you make model kit of plastic, you cut the parts and clean up the end of those first, don't you?

This jeans is as same.

This jeans and jackets are limited items. Number of production is not so many.

Especially for this jacket!

Most sizes are already sold out…

Most people feel bad and don't have a fun due to virus in these days.

So please have a fun by wearing your favorite clothing at least.
These jeans and jacket give us the pleasure to wear vintage-like clothing if you like.

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