SUNSURF Special Hawaiian Shirt

Hello everyone! This time, let me introduce exclusive special Hawaiian shirt for HINOYA!!


Long sleeve special Hawaiian shirt "The Space Ship", that is special ordered by HINOYA, is launched. Published in the Master Book of Hawaiian Shirts, this design of the spaceship was revived by Sun Surf in 2000, 2009 and 2015. In 1958, when the first artificial satellite Explorer 1 in the United States was successfully launched and the start of space development era began, various space designs drawn by fantasy and imagination became popular.

"The Space Ship" Short Sleeve Hawaiian shirt
ヒノヤ別注スペースシップアロハの商品ページへ ヒノヤ別注スペースシップアロハの商品ページへ

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You can shop this at HINOYA Online Store. Please click the image above.


Price. 25,300JPY (tax included)

Real name reproduction label only for special Hawaiian shirts.
The base of color is black that enhances the charm of "The Space Ship" pattern.
Model Wearing Size: M (Height 165cm / Weight 60kg)

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