My second A-2 Jacket

Hi, everyone! This blog post is from Saito in HINOYA main store. The other day, I bought the A-2, as the title mentions about.😁
And this time I chose the Rough Wear model of Buzz Rickson's. The price has been rising since this year, so honestly, I was really wondering whether to buy it 😔 (about a month). However, the leather has the less emboss and is thicker and has a glossy texture. And the moment I wore it, I decided to buy it because the feeling that my body was wrapped in leather was too comfortable.😁

バズリクソンズ フライトジャケット BUZZ RICKSON'S FLIGHT JACKET A-2 BR80593-01
LOT : BR80593-01
Size : 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44(Some sizes are already sold out. Sorry about that.)
Color : 01 S/Brown (No Stencil)
Price : ¥184,800-(Tax Included)

You can buy this product at HINOYA Online Store. Please check this out (I'm sorry if it is sold out.)
I wear size 36 tightly.😀 It's been about 3 weeks since I bought it. I wore it mainly while taking a break (it's still hot in Tokyo) and drinking alcohol at home after I got home lol.
バズリクソンズ フライトジャケット BUZZ RICKSON'S FLIGHT JACKET A-2 BR80593-01
Starting to keep the form of fold of the collar in my favorite style, and the atari (fades) came out gradually on the middle of the sleeves.😁 I hope the fall comes soon and want to wear it a lot. ☺️
バズリクソンズ フライトジャケット BUZZ RICKSON'S FLIGHT JACKET A-2 BR80593-01
By the way, the Russet Brown A-2 of Buzz Rickson's, which is about to enter the third year since I bought it, is getting the stately texture.😁
バズリクソンズ フライトジャケット BUZZ RICKSON'S FLIGHT JACKET A-2 BR80593-01
It was cool today, and I thought it was at the right moment to wear ​A-2 at the right moment, then when I went to HINOYA ONE, I found Mr. Kurashina who wore in the almost same style as me except the shirt lol.
バズリクソンズ フライトジャケット BUZZ RICKSON'S FLIGHT JACKET A-2 BR80593-01

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