JNH is very useful for Autumn & Winter season!

Hello, everyone!
I am Tanaka from HINOYA Main Store.(゚∀゚)

I don't have any particular hobby. 


So I cannot give you a funny story!lol.


Let me think about a interesting story.
Oh, I have spent my time for poring over books in these days. In japan, it is said "Fall is the best season for reading."😎

オモシロイハナシデハナイ(means this is not funny stories← Book title)

I had  some time for transfer the train, so I stopped by the book store and found this strange title at recommended corner.

I took a look at this book, and I was interested in it. So I got it!  It was so interesting so that I concentrated on reading it in the train even though I was getting sick from riding the train. Also, I was almost about to miss my stop. 

Still now, I am immersed in reading other books.🌊

Reading the books in fall season is wonderful, isn't it?

Oh, every time I read books in the train, I am always getting train-sick!lol.

Well, getting back to what I was talking about!lol. ♪

What kind of bottoms I want to wear by myself??

It's a great brand for us. From "Burgus Plus!


It's a、

Jazz Nep Herringbone

burgus plus ジャズネップヘリンボーンパンツ Jazz Nep Herringbone Pant

Burgus Plus
Lot.401Z ZipFly
Modern Jazz Nep HBT Trousers
col→01(Gray)   →02(Black)


burgus plus ジャズネップヘリンボーンパンツ Jazz Nep Herringbone Pant

burgus plus ジャズネップヘリンボーンパンツ Jazz Nep Herringbone Pant

From the start、What is Jazz Nep?

By kneading a lump of fiber at the thread manufacturing stage, innumerable lumps of yarn appear on the surface of the fabric like marbling. Unlikely an ordinary yarn, it is a unique fiber with an expression and the presence of knots in the yarn gives it a rough feel. Then it comes out a warm wool-like fabric, which is called "Jazz Nep".

Materials are 、

・cotton 70%
・acrylic 17%
・polyester 13%

Its feeling is soft, warm and fashionable! 
Also it is not wool so that I don't need to care about the way for laundrying at all. 
I am lazy but its fabric is OK for me!lol 

I like wool-items because those are stylish and warm so that I want to buy wool-items, but when I think about laundry, oh, No! …(°_°)lol

So, this pant is really useful for me!👏🏻✨

It is so stylish and looks good, also easy to wash.♪
It is just great, isn't it?🥺 wonderful!

This pant has been popular demand since it is launched so that I think many customers love to wear it.✨

If you don't have it, please go getting for it!
I believe you will love it😎✨

Please let it put into a part of your outfit in this fall and winter.🎶

👖*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’👖’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*👖

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