"The Exhibition of Souvenir jacket"

Hi, everyone. It has been a while. December has arrived and the weather is getting colder. Are you ready for winter?
BWell, let me introduce the exhibition of Souvenir jacket (known as Sukajan in Japan) at Yokosuka Museum of Art.

Link to the exhibition of Souvenir jacket

Please click the image above for more information.

The exhibition is full of the charm of "Sukajan" which is attracting attention from the fashion scene around the world, centering on the precious vintage collection of Taylor Toyo (Toyo Enterprise Co., Ltd.), which is also handled by HINOYA!

What is Sukajan?

After World War II, jackets with luxurious embroidery of eagles, tigers, dragons, etc., originating from Japanese traditional men's clothing, were created as souvenirs for U.S. soldiers staying in Japan.
These jackets were sold in and around U.S. military bases in Japan and were called "souvenir jackets." Later, many of these jackets returned to Japan due to Japanese people's yearning for American casual wear and the vintage boom.

And, combined with the image of "Dobuita-street" in Yokosuka, where souvenir jackets have been sold since the postwar period, it has become a fashion item with the name of "Yokosuka Jumper", "Sukajan" for short, and boasts of its strong popularity not only in Japan but also around the world.

It is rare to have an opportunity to see the many vintage collections at once, so why not take this opportunity to visit if you are interested?

The Souvenir Jacket specially ordered by HINOYA

HINOYA Exclusive Souvenir Jacket Maiko-pattern HINOYA Exclusive Souvenir Jacket Maiko-pattern
The front side of the jacket with the Maiko pattern has a dragon and tiger design. It is a luxury souvenir jacket with 3 popular patterns, a "dragon", "tiger", and "Maiko".
\ The Reversible side is also very cool. /
HINOYA Exclusive Souvenir Jacket Eagle-pattern HINOYA Exclusive Souvenir Jacket Eagle-pattern

Lot. TT15300HY
Size. S,M,L,XL,3L
Price. 56,100JPY- (With Tax)
※You can also buy it at some SUNHOUSE stores.

This special-ordered model features the especially popular Maiko and EAGLE patterns. The "H" embroidery casually placed on the side of each pattern is proof of Hinoya's special order.
It is the limited edition. For those who want to try Sukajan, or for those who already have a Sukajan but are looking for a rare pattern, how about this special Sukajan?

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