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Buzz Rickson's バズリクソンズ P-COAT Pコート

Hi, there! This is Ota🤓 from HINOYA Main Store. Today, I introduce this product‼️

Buzz Rickson’s

Buzz Rickson's バズリクソンズ P-COAT Pコート

Buzz Rickson's バズリクソンズ P-COAT Pコート

It depends on people, but I love this tight-fitting shape.


 Buzz Rickson's バズリクソンズ P-COAT Pコート

I, Ota was attracted by 13 peaces of stars on the buttons and corduroy fabric for the pocket. I've bought it for just those reasons. But these parts are so cool, and enough reasons for me🤓. I wear it size 34 which is just fitted to me.(168㎝ 56kg)


Buzz Rickson's バズリクソンズ P-COAT Pコート

Even I love wearing big size of bottoms and rugged run-down clothes, I can change myself to be neatly with this pea-coat. So it is really useful for me.

Now, all sizes are in stock.


color: 01) NAVY

size34 36 38 40 42 44


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